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  • Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Chase Baker came to Australia in 2003 as a basketball import. He joined JAMAKESMUSIQ/TMV in 2006 to help develop him and his music. Now one of TMV’s biggest stars, Chase Baker has quickly become a formidable lyricist, rapper and performer.
  • Chase is the first artist on the TOO MUCH VARIETY RECORDS’ Release Schedule, and is currently the biggest song contributor to the TMV Music Catalog. His debut album is in the final stages of completion, for domestic and international release in 2010.
  • For more info on Chase Baker visit:
  • Born and raised in Harlem, New York, Kid Mac came to Australia in 1996 to join his father, NBL great Darryl McDonald (D.Mac). He became part of the TMV movement in 2005.
  • One of the original members of the TMV Family (as part of the hip hop group ‘Six Aces’), Kid Mac writes and recites all his lyrics which feature a lot of word-play and for the most part are light-hearted, playful and humorous.
  • Visit reverbnation.com/kidmac
  • Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. At 5.4ft. this Italian is little in stature but big in voice and personality. Dubbed ‘The First Lady Of TMV’ cause she was the first female to join the family.
  • Tessa Cattanach‘s brand of music is heavily Hip Hop influenced R&B, she writes, sings and raps. She’s helped pen a few songs for her fellow recording artists. Her biggest attribute is her presence, on stage and in the studio.
  • Visit reverbnation.com/tessacattanach
  • Born on the beautiful Harbour Island, Bahamas and having lived half his life in the US, Chico is now in Melbourne, Australia and continues to further his musical ambitions.
  • Chico joined JAMAKESMUSIQ/TMV to further develop, produce and market his music and image. As one of TMV debut artists, his album was recorded and partially mixed, however due to his departure from the TMV this album is on hold, pending further notice.
  • Chico has two songs on the Album.
  • Dani&Karla are the result of Jamakesmusiq’s attempt to create a female pop group. The intention was to recruit and develop three female singers, however after finding the first two girls, Danielle and Karla, who gelled almost instantly, finding the right fit for a third girl was difficult.
    They worked well together, contributing their first five songs/ recordings to the TMV Catalog within a couple of weeks.
  • The duo wrote and recorded two songs on the TMV Family album.
  • This 6ft tall and striking Chilean ex-model joined TMV to pursue her first love, music. Viv’s love for music and performance stems from her early stage experiences when she would perform at Spanish festivals and shows with her grandpa at the age of ten.
  • Being the biggest female song contributor to the TMV catalog, It may come as a surprise, that Viv only has one song on the TMV Family Album. This ass due to an 11th hour setback with the music behind Viv's other song choice for the album.
  • Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. T-Roc was the first artist on the JAMAKESMUSIQ/TMV roster. He helped recruit the first TMV act by introducing fellow band members, Kid Mac and A-Butta and forming the hip-hop group Six Aces.
  • Studied in Melbourne, but learnt his craft in America, when staying with his grandparents and extended family in Springfield, Ohio. The result is evident in his Mid West/Southern influenced style of rapping.

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