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TMV (tē em vē): acronym for TOO MUCH VARIETY, a family, a movement and a music label.

Too Much Variety Records is a recently established record company about to launch its debut release featuring artists currently on its roster.

The company’s focus is urban music and popular culture. TMV has a well developed and sizable music catalogue of some 250+ songs and 500+ musical works. TMV operates in a state-of-the-art recording facility with a production team of four and a three-person management team.

TMV handles all aspects of producing and promoting its artists, brands and product in-house. This includes: writing, music production, recording, mixing, photography, design, artwork, bookings, artist management, administration and publishing. TMV has 100% ownership of its catalogue.

TMV was established by JAMAKESMUSIQ - an Artist Development, Production and Management Group. JAMAKESMUSIQ was originally established in 2003 by founder Jamaka, and set out to find explosive new talent to develop into internationally viable and marketable acts. Over the last few years the group has quietly and tirelessly worked towards this goal.

In late 2003, Jamaka returned to music after a four year absence and started scouting for a hip hop group that could be developed into a commercially viable local act with international potential. By 2005 he had found the group he was looking for in T-Roc, Kid Mac and A-Butta, officially named the ‘Six Aces’ and began work immediately. Development went on for two years and in that time, three more artists joined TMV: R&B singer Tessa Cattanach, Brooklyn rapper Chase Baker and music producer Filthy Rich.

In 2007, after almost two years of developing the Six Aces catalogue of songs, TMV produced a demonstration EP (CD and packaging) and circulated it amongst the major record companies. Universal Music Australia expressed interest in the concept and music, however were not sure how the product would be marketed in Australia, as the artists didn’t fit comfortably

into the Aussie hip hop genre which was at its peak at the time.

At around the same time TMV started their live campaign, with the first set of shows held in Geelong, Victoria, followed by a number of Melbourne bookings. With each show the response was extremely positive and the fan base expanded, however it was still hard work to get every gig. In order to further build the artists’ profile and increase demand for live shows, TMV recorded and released a promotional CD entitled ‘Global Warning Mixtape’. It featured high quality production combined with full colour, professionally designed packaging showcasing the TMV and artist’s brands.

One thousand copies were manufactured and circulated as giveaways at concerts, shows, and clubs and proved so popular that they had to be rationed. As a result of this promotion, TMV was able to book more and more shows, with increasing demand coming from promoters. TMV has since staged 92 live performances/shows (including as support act for international acts like Xzibit and BoyzIIMen), about 55% of these were in 2008, at the height of our Live Campaign.

2003 - Jamaka returns to music after a 4 year absence & started scouting for a hip hop group that could be developed into a commercially viable local act with international potential.

2005 - Jamaka finds the group he’s been looking for in T-Roc, Kid Mac and A-Butta, officially named the ‘Six Aces’ and began work immediately.

2005 - 2006 - Three more artists joined TMV: R&B singer TESSA CATTANACH, Brooklyn rapper CHASE BAKER and music producer FILTHY RICH.

2007 - TMV produces a demonstrational EP (CD and packaging) of the Six Aces and circulate it amongst the major record companies.

2007 - TMV start their live campaign, with the first set of shows in Geelong and Melbourne, Australia.

2007 - Chico - Singer/Songwriter, JUMPDRED - Music Producer, and CHILLI VIV - Singer/Songwriter join the TMV Family

2007 - TMV records and releases a promotional CD entitled ‘GLOBAL WARMING MIXTAPE’.

2008 - Early 2008 Six Aces officially breakup.

2008 - DANI&KARLA join the TMV Family.

2008 - TMV stage about 50 live performances/ productions, at the height of their Live Campaign.

2008 - Cameras start following TMV for a long term documentary on trails & tribulations of TMV, from an industry & cultural perspective.

2008 - TMV release Chase Baker’s mixtape ‘NEW KID ON YA BLOCK’. Chase Baker attends VMAs in Los Angeles.

2009 - TOO MUCH VARIETY RECORDS becomes a registered company under the Corporations Act 2001. in Australia, adding Propriety Limited to its name.

2009 - TMV write, produce and record their first commercial release ‘TOO MUCH VARIETY The Album’

Due to its elevating public profile, TMV began to attract talent wishing to come on board. As a result TMV grew rapidly, adding five more members to their talent pool; Chico - Singer/Songwriter (2007); Jumpdred - Music Producer (2007); Chilli Viv - Singer/Songwriter (2007); Dani&Karla - Pop Duo (2008). During this time however, TMV lost one of its original members due to family commitments overseas (USA). A-Butta’s departure broke up TMV’s original hip hop group, the Six Aces. The remaining two members have become solo artists, but because of the groups’ large body of work the two have sometimes paired up.

TMV went on to release another mixtape ‘New Kid On Ya Block’ featuring rapper Chase Baker almost a year later and shipped it back to New York, Baker’s home. The response was unexpectedly overwhelming, with positive and encouraging feedback from hip hop heavy weights like Fabolous and New York DJs like DJ Clue. This also resulted in an invitation to the 2008 Video Music Awards in LA, which Chase Baker attended.

Due to these successes and the non-committals from record companies, Jamakesmusiq and TMV decided it was time to establish its own record company and prepare the artists and catalog for release. The first projects were the TMV Family album (complete), the Chase Baker album (to be completed November 2009), and a Chico album (recorded and mixed, but release on-hold).